Adoptive mom holding baby, after going through the adoption processRegardless of the parenting option you choose, investigating adoption is a mature and responsible decision.  You can take your time, because exploring adoption requires no commitments - and in most states cannot be legally finalized until after the baby is born.  Birth parents get to be in control of the adoption plan they make and usually choose between three types: open, partially open, and confidential.

Here are some common questions women ask when considering adoption.

How could I ever give my baby away?
Not only is adoption a caring choice for children, it empowers women to meet their goals.

What if nobody wants to adopt my baby?
Families welcome children of different ethnicities and races, as well as those with every kind of physical or intellectual disability.

Could I live without knowing how my baby is doing?
You don't have to miss out.  With open or partially open options, you can be a part of your child's life and still pursue your own dreams.

How could being adopted affect my baby?
Contrary to popular belief, adopted kids are most often happy and healthy. Adopted parents show their kids plenty of attention and the children go on to do well in school.

Whichever type of adoption you might choose, it's a good idea to get counseling (available for free) that can help you adjust after your baby is born and plan for the future.  Our fully-trained staff can help you get connected with the information you need.

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