What Do You Know About Adoption?

Regardless of the pregnancy option you choose, investigating adoption is a mature and responsible decision. You want to understand all of your options and making an adoption plan is one of them. Today, the adoption process puts you in the driver’s seat. You choose the plan that’s right for both you and your child.

What Is The Adoption Process?

Adoption is the legal process of transferring the rights and responsibilities of being a parent from a birth couple to an adoptive couple. Women choose adoption for a child for many different reasons. Maybe they feel too young to parent, they’re not in a stable relationship, or they already have other children they’re responsible for.

No matter your reason for considering adoption, you’re thinking about your child first. It’s a loving, brave, and difficult decision to make. We want to give you as much information and support as possible to know if choosing adoption is right for you and your child.

Where Do You Begin?

At Abria Pregnancy Resources, we’ll give you referrals to adoption agencies and specialists we trust. You need to find a reputable organization that will assist you along the way and not charge you for any of their services. Ask the agency to explain their process, your legal rights, and what you should expect. 

One of your biggest decisions is choosing who will raise your child. Picking a family isn’t done quickly. There are many adoptive families ready to adopt. You’ll want to choose the one that meets your requirements.

Adoptive families go through a lengthy process to be approved. There are criminal and abuse background checks, home studies where someone observes if their home is ready for a baby, and a questionnaire taken that lists hobbies, religion, income, education, etc. They’ll also provide photos and a letter to you.

The Types of Adoption

There are three main adoption plans: open, closed, and semi-open. There isn’t a right plan or a wrong plan. As the expectant or birth mom, you choose the plan that’s best for you, your child, and both of your futures. 

Open Adoption

With open adoption, you and the adoptive family exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, and phone numbers. You have the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life. Some women find comfort in seeing their adopted child happy and healthy.

Closed Adoption

If you would like to stay completely anonymous in the process, you would choose a closed adoption, also known as a confidential adoption. With this plan, no identifying information is shared between the birth family and the adoptive family. For some women, staying anonymous is more comforting.

Semi-Open Adoption

This plan is somewhere in between the first two. First names are exchanged, but contact is done through your adoption coordinator. You’ll learn about your child without personal contact. This could offer more protection for some women.

Is Adoption Right For You?

Only you can determine whether adoption is your best option. Choosing adoption isn’t easy. It’s a tough decision. But you choose adoption because you care deeply for your child. You want them to have the best future possible, and sometimes that requires another family. That’s okay because you will always be a part of your child’s life story.

Contact us to begin learning more about adoption. Our fully-trained staff can help you get connected with the information you need. We care about the best option for you and your future. Let’s chat about adoption and your other options.

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