Think you may be pregnant? Our free, lab-quality pregnancy testing will help you know for sure.

At Abria, we offer free, lab-quality pregnancy testing.

If you discover you may be experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, the first step is to find out for sure if you are pregnant. Even if you have already taken a home pregnancy test, you will want to have the results confirmed at a clinic. As a non-profit clinic, we offer this service at no-cost to you because we know that facing an unexpected pregnancy can be stressful.

If your test is positive, we can also offer a  limited obstetrical ultrasound, also at no cost to you, to provide you with more information about your potential pregnancy. This will help determine if the pregnancy is in your uterus and how far along the pregnancy is. We also offer information about your options, a nurse consultation,  and a safe, judgement-free environment to assist you in thinking through your options.

For more information about our free pregnancy testing, call us at 651-695-0111 or to book an appointment instantly for pregnancy testing and/or medical counseling, click HERE.

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