Finding out your girlfriend is unexpectedly pregnant can bring all sorts of emotions. Shock, fear, or stress may be part of what you’re feeling and you’ll likely want to find some kind of immediate solution.

Abortion is one option you’ll come across, but, typically, health insurance only allows you to add a wife or dependents to your plan. If you do not have any legal obligation to your girlfriend, then you’ll be unable to add her to your plan. Only your own medical costs will be covered by your existing plan.

When considering abortion, you will want to think about the cost of the procedure, plus pre-abortion screenings (ultrasounds, lab-quality pregnancy tests, etc.), doctor’s appointments, missed work, and any related travel if she has a surgical abortion.

We believe that finances should not be the deciding factor in a couple’s family planning decision.

We refer for no-cost, on-site ultrasounds and offer pregnancy tests to women to free them from part of the financial burden as they make pregnancy decisions.

Your First Step

Before you and your partner rush into a permanent decision, make a no-cost appointment at Abria Pregnancy Center for confirmation. If your partner’s pregnancy test comes back positive, then we can offer an ultrasound on-site as well.

An ultrasound can alert you to any pregnancy complications and determines the type of abortion your partner would qualify for, based on how far along she is.

How Much Does an Abortion For My Girlfriend Cost?

An ultrasound will confirm how far along your girlfriend is, but if if she’s less than 10 weeks along, she is potentially eligible for a medication abortion. This procedure can cost up to $500 without insurance. Surgical abortions can cost up to $3,000 to terminate more developed pregnancies (past the 12 week stage).

Where Can We Get No-Cost Pregnancy Healthcare?

Residents of Minnesota might be eligible for Medicaid insurance. Visit the link to determine her eligibility for free healthcare during her pregnancy.

Schedule an Appointment

You can contact us for no-cost services such as an ultrasound or pregnancy testing, but we also offer consultations to help you walk through your options. Our knowledgeable staff offers a compassionate, pressure-free environment where they can provide medically accurate information and help you process your options. You are not alone, and we are here to support you!

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