Abortion procedures affect every woman differently, and your journey is unique. You may feel shocked, lost, depressed, or even numb from your experience, especially if you struggled with mental health before your abortion.

The good news is that you can find healing and wholeness through intentional effort and the right resources.

Seek Post-Abortive Care 

In addition to your family and friends, we always recommend seeking professional help. While having a solid support system is essential, having a trained, unbiased therapist trained in how events can affect our brain and emotions is essential.

At Abria Pregnancy Resources, we offer a safe, peer-supported environment for you to share your experience and a variety of referrals for post-abortive support.

Get Help From Your Support System

You do not have to carry this weight alone. While you can be discreet about your decision, reach out to one or two trusted people who can be a safe space for you as you share your thoughts and feelings about your experience. 

Give Yourself Time and Space

Knowing what is happening inside your body can help you manage your mental health symptoms. 

When an abortion occurs, it is a shock to your hormonal system, so it may take some time as your body works to regain its normal hormonal levels. 

Give your body grace and understanding as you navigate your post-abortive journey, just like you would accommodate a friend going through a hard time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are eager to support you on your post-abortion journey. 

Courage is the power
to let go of the familiar