What are my options?

What is an abortion?

An abortion is a medical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. There are two main types of abortion, medical abortion (RU-486 or the abortion pill), and surgical abortion.

Different abortion methods are used during different stages of pregnancy. Like all medical and surgical procedures, abortions have potential risks and side effects. It is important to get complete information based on your unique health and pregnancy before making a decision.

Abria’s free services include medical counseling, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STI testing and treatment. Schedule an appointment online or call or text for more information.

What should I do if I am considering abortion?

Confirm that you really are pregnant.
Many home pregnancy tests can result in a false positive or false negative test result. You should always consult a medical professional and take a lab-quality pregnancy test. At Abria, we offer free lab-quality pregnancy tests and free medical consultations.

Confirm that your pregnancy is viable through a free ultrasound.
31% of pregnancies end naturally in a miscarriage by 8 weeks. If the pregnancy is not viable or progressing it will end naturally and there is no need to terminate the pregnancy. An ultrasound can confirm the presence of a heartbeat and the expected growth of the fetus. At Abria, we offer free ultrasounds.

Get tested for STIs
Some STI’s increase the risk of post-abortion infection and complications. At Abria, we can provide you with free gonorrhea and chlamydia testing, which are the two most common STIs. Get tested so you can make an informed decision.

Know all your options
Whatever decision you make regarding your pregnancy will impact your life. Getting the facts is a good place to start. Abria offers a safe, confidential space and medically accurate information about the types of abortion and all of your options.  

How much does an abortion cost?

There are costs associated with terminating a pregnancy. In Minnesota, it can cost between $350-$1000, depending on the number of weeks gestation and the type of procedure. Abria can help answer your abortion related questions. Schedule an appointment today or call / text for more information.

Abria is here for you with free and confidential services!

Here at Abria, we are dedicated to giving you all your options and complete, medically accurate information.

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  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Free ultrasounds (Limited OB)
  • Free medical consultations
  • Free STI/STD testing and treatment

We do not provide or refer for abortions or birth control.

Abria can help lay out all of your options, including abortion.
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