When facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are many possibilities and factors to consider, but the most important is your physical and mental health.

If you are considering terminating your pregnancy, take the following health screenings prior to the abortion.

Pregnancy Testing

To proceed confidently with your abortion, a positive pregnancy test is required. If you have relied on common pregnancy symptoms so far, a positive pregnancy test will eliminate doubts, so you know exactly how to proceed.

At Abria Pregnancy Resources, we provide free quality urine pregnancy testing with immediate results. We can also help you calculate the best time to take the test based on your last missed period.


Because of the crucial information it can reveal, an ultrasound is one of the most important health screenings you can take. 

An ultrasound can confirm the pregnancy’s age, location, and viability. To remain eligible for a medication abortion, your pregnancy cannot be older than 10 weeks (70 days) of gestational age, so confirming the age is helpful before pursuing this option. 

Knowing the location of the pregnancy can alert you to whether or not it is ectopic (located outside the uterus). If it is an ectopic pregnancy, you’ll require a procedure other than an abortion. 

The viability of the pregnancy will determine whether or not you’ve miscarried. According to the National Library of Medicine, “It is estimated that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.” Confirming your pregnancy’s status will help you know whether you’re still eligible for an abortion procedure. 

STD Testing

It is possible to be an STD carrier but not display symptoms. If you have an untreated STD and undergo an elective abortion, this could increase your risk for complications.

The good news is that most STDs are very treatable! At Abria Pregnancy Resources, we offer no-cost STD information and can provide referrals if you need treatment.

Next Steps

From the moment you suspect you’re pregnant, an unplanned pregnancy can bring a lot of stress and uncertainty. 

At Abria Pregnancy Resources, we are here to help by providing no-cost pregnancy services and a safe space to discuss your options and receive life coaching to help you confidently choose a path for your future.

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