Parenting is fun! Mom playing with their childPregnancy and Parenting

Choosing to parent is an option for all women and a common decision for many. Although pregnancy and parenting have their challenges,  many women experience personal growth and joy in embracing motherhood. At Abria, our staff can help you explore what pregnancy and parenting would look like for you and assist in overcoming any challenges you may be facing.

What can I expect during my pregnancy?

Our medical professionals can answer your pregnancy questions. We provide thorough information on the changes you can expect during pregnancy, fetal develop, prenatal health and much more.

How can I afford prenatal care?

Abria offers a prenatal care program at its North Minneapolis clinic in collaboration with Fairview Riverside Midwives. If you do not have insurance, we will help you apply for insurance that will cover your prenatal medical care, birth and newborn care. We can also connect you with many resources from doulas and birth classes to additional low-cost healthcare services.

Is there assistance available after the birth?

Abria offers support services from the beginning of pregnancy through two years after birth. There are also many resources available in the community and through the government. We can help find the additional resources needed to help you succeed and parent with confidence.

Is parenting right for me?

Only you can answer this question, but know that parenting is a common choice among women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.  You will not be alone in deciding to parent as millions of women find motherhood a rewarding experience.

Parenting looks different for each person. Happily, there is a lot of research available on different parenting options. Exploring these options will give you the opportunity to make an informed decision about your pregnancy and your future.

How will having a baby affect my future?

There is no doubt that becoming a parent is a life-changing event, but what this means for your life is up to you. That is why Abria Pregnancy Resources offers prenatal care, parenting support and education. We understand that pregnancy and parenthood come with challenges, and we want to help you achieve your dreams and goals as you parent. Our free life coaching can help you integrate parenting into your vision of your future. This, coupled with our parenting education classes, material assistance and resourcing assistance, will give you the support to make your dreams a reality.

It’s your choice.

Our support services are here to help you become the best parent possible.  You have time during your pregnancy to learn what to expect and to explore how you want to parent.  We will listen to your thoughts and concerns as we walk this road together.

To learn more about how we can support you, call us at 651-695-0111 or book an appointment online instantly by clicking HERE.

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