You have questions. Get medically accurate information about STIs/STDs, fertility, pregnancy, contraception, the “morning after pill” and abortion.

Sexual intimacy is a natural part of being human. No matter the form it takes, and even if you are using contraception, sexual contact with another person carries certain risks that may affect your sexual health. Sexual intercourse can lead to an unexpected pregnancy and infections.

Understanding your fertility, how pregnancy can occur and how you can contract sexually transmitted diseases or infections – even if you are using contraception – is a smart decision and helps you take control of your sexual decisions.

Our medical staff can assist you with your questions such as:

How can I know if I am fertile (capable of conceiving a baby)?
What kind of birth control is the most effective at preventing unexpected pregnancy?
What kind of sexual activity can lead to pregnancy?
How does the “morning after pill” work?
If I am pregnant, how do I know how far along I am?
What are the most effective ways to avoid sexual risks, such as STI/STD?

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We do not provide or refer for abortions or birth control.

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